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Apricots – Golden Winner of Fruit

Known for their golden orange hue and gentle flavor, apricots are a gold medal winner with vitamins and minerals. Apricots can be easily added to the daily diet and a variety of dishes. Versatility and amazingly wholesome benefits of apricots make them a smart choice. Apricots:
  • Serve as a good source of Vitamin C and an excellent source of Vitamin A
  • Offer good levels of dietary fiber
  • Have 0.5x the polyphenol content and 0.6x the in vitro antioxidant capacity of red table grapes
  • Are low in saturated fat and cholesterol

Apricots offer a unique flavor profile and potential as a valuable supplement or ingredient.

Apricot Juice & Puree Products

JUICE Apricot Juice Concentrate, 65 Brix Specification Nutritional
  Apricot Juice Concentrate, 32.5 Brix
Specification Not Available
PUREE Apricot Puree NFC Specification Not Available


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