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Black Currants – A Currant Affair

The black currant has long been popular in Europe, especially as a juice in beverages and desserts. Noted for significant amounts of antioxidant Vitamin C, this berry offers a rich flavor and dark purple color originating from its high content of anthocyanins. With popularity growing in the US market, black currants:
  • Offer over 7x the total polyphenol content and 4x the in vitro antioxidant capacity of red grapes
  • Are extremely high in Vitamin C, with 302% of daily value per 100g
  • Offer many essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, beta-carotene and thiamin
  • Provide good amounts of dietary minerals including copper, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium and dietary fiber

Black currants are unique ingredients that can add both taste and nutrients to a variety of health and wellness products.

Currant Juice & Puree Products

JUICE Black Currant Juice Concentrate, 65 Brix Specification Nutritional

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