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Innovative Ingredients for Brewers

Creating and perfecting new fruit flavored artisan beers and ciders requires the highest quality of ingredients offering distinctive aroma, color and flavor. Milne’s 100% fruit and vegetable juices and purees bring a full palette of tantalizing and exotic tropical and traditional fruit flavors to brewmasters ranging from apple to pomegranates, dark sweet cherries or black currant, including select varieties as organic.

The highest quality fruit and vegetables in the world are grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington State, Milne's home for over 60 years. With over 300 days of sunshine yearly, growing conditions are ideal in the fertile land surrounding the Yakima River.

Milne can provide the tastes you need to create a variety of distinctive craft beer and cider flavors. Our fruit and vegetable ingredients offer great flavor and true color and are:

  • 100% fruit
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Low in calories, naturally fat-free and sodium-free
  • Standardized brix levels
  • Packaging: aseptic and frozen
  • Certified by WSDA, USDA, JAS, BRC and OU Kosher

Beer & Hard Cider Formulas

Over the years, Milne has developed a number of beer and hard cider formulas with 5-6% ABV using a blend of fruit juice and other ingredients to create unique, new beverages such as:

PORTER • Orange Spice • Raspberry Mocha
HEFEWEIZEN • Lemon Ginger • Plum Apricot
PEAR CIDER • Mango • Pear
APPLE CIDER • Honey Crisp • Watermelon

In addition, Milne has created a variety of beverage bases and additives for alcohol related products including an orange mango margarita mix, raspberry lime martini mix, a vanilla mojito and peach daiquiri mix with 10-39% juice bases. Other innovative alcohol related products include cherry chocolate cream, apricot apple cider, hard watermelon lemonade and grapefruit flavored beer.

Fermentable Bases – Apple & Pear Juice

Milne also offers fermentable bases in domestic apple juice and pear juice. These non-fermented bases can be supplied as NFC (Not From Concentrate) or concentrate for use in beer and ciders. Juices can be purchased in a variety of packaging options including Milne’s standard aseptic drums, or bulk tanker options. Using juice allows brewers to control their own fermenting and brewing, while assuring that the ingredients meet Milne’s own high quality standards and are processed in the USA.

Safety Standards

Milne uses innovative technologies and rigorous control standards to assure quality and food safety guidelines are met throughout the production process. Based on each customer’s needs, Milne can provide juices and purees that are Kosher or Organic certified and consistently meet and exceed all food safety and quality standards common in the brewing industry including full traceability and state-of-the-art lot numbering and documenting – assuring a “one step forward, one step back” compliance system.

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