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Concord Grape Extract Powders

Milne’s new Concord extract powders offer the outstanding all-natural benefits of Concord grapes formulated with other extracts to produce new products for the dietary supplement industry.

Concord Grape Extract Powder Varieties

Milne offers three varieties of Concord extract powders:

Concord Grape Extract Powder Product Characteristics

Milne’s Concord extract powders include the pomace of the dark purple and blue fruits, and are similar to red wine in regards to the overall vitamin and minerals provided. These proprietary formulations include:

  • MilneConcord™ – 100% Concord grape extract powder, high polyphenol* content includes resveratrol, phenolics and anthocyanin.
  • MilneBlue™ – A blend of Concord grape with blueberry extract powders, high polyphenol* content includes resveratrol and phenolics.
  • MilneBerry™ – combines Concord grape with raspberry and blackberry extract powders, high polyphenol* content includes resveratrol and ellagic acid.

When Concord grape extracts are combined with other nutritious fruit extracts, the formulation delivers synergistic nutrition benefits. Milne’s Concord extract powders deliver concentrated bioactive polyphenols with greatly reduced carbohydrates and sugars. Finished extracts bring concentrated benefits to today’s health conscious consumer with:

  • 25x more polyphenol content than fruit juice
  • 50x more resveratrol than red wine
  • 20x more anthocyanin than a typical fruit serving
  • 100% all-natural extraction process with no carriers, fillers or solvents

*Polyphenol Benefits

  • Resveratrol is noted in studies for its potential anticancer properties and might have anti-aging benefits as well as protect against too many free radicals.
  • Phenolic acids include coumaric, caffeic, ferulic and gallic acids that may protect against coronary heart disease, stroke and cancers.
  • Anthocyanidins are found in flavan-3-ols which research suggests may provide anti-cancer, anti-clotting and cardio protective effects.
  • Ellagic acid is found in raspberries and blackberries and, according to studies, may slow the growth of some tumors.

Concord Grape Extract Powder Applications

Milne’s fruit extract formulations offer increased polyphenolic content and improved efficacy when consumed as a mixture in:

  • Supplement tablets
  • Capsules
  • Powdered form such as in cereal bars

The finished extracts bring concentrated health benefits to today’s health conscious consumer market. 

Click here for a compendium of the latest research related to Concord Grapes, resveratrol and health & wellness.


Milne’s Concord grape extract powders are packed in a fiber box with sealed polyethylene liners, 15 Kg fill. Store and ship in cool dry area. Each pail or drum is labeled with lot number, product ID and Julian date of production. COAs are available for each Lot #.