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Milne’s custom solutions services are housed in a state-of-the-art research and formulation lab with unique new product development capabilities.  This innovative approach assures Milne remains on the cutting edge of the industrial fruit and vegetable ingredient industry.

Milne offers new opportunities to develop custom blended profiles and innovative new products. With a team of dedicated product developers, Milne has the experience and creativity to craft new ideas.

Milne offers a full range of natural beverage compounds to meet manufacturer’s specifications. Many of these products serve as the foundation for energy drinks, smoothies, dairy products, beverages, baby foods and more.

Custom Blends
Milne offers exciting opportunities to create new products for today’s quickly changing market place.

  • Clean label
  • Calorie reduction
  • Reduced sugars

Compounding Advantages

  • Greater production consistency
  • Quality assurance and traceability
  • Simplified production for manufacturers
  • Labor and production efficiencies

Compounding Capabilities
Compounding capabilities offer greater production flexibility backed by Milne’s quality assurance and traceability. Our formulation and compounding services help manufacturers simplify production and gain labor and production efficiencies by:

  • Reducing ingredient prep time for production
  • Conserving energy costs with aseptic packaging
  • Minimizing packaging waste

Milne Logo Colored

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