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Formulation & Compounding

Milne’s formulation and compounding services are housed in a state-of-the-art research and formulation lab with unique new product development capabilities. This newly expanded facility has the distinction of developing both custom formulations and innovative new processes such as Milne’s MicroDried® technology and other proprietary processes with one united R&D/new product development team. This innovative approach encourages collaboration across disciplines and assures Milne will remain on the cutting edge of the industrial fruit and vegetable ingredient industry.


Milne offers beverage companies new opportunities to develop synergistic custom blended profiles and innovative new products through its formulation and compounding capabilities. With in-house researchers and a team of new product developers, Milne has the depth of knowledge and creativity to craft new ideas and bring them to reality in small test batches on a pilot production line before going into full production.

From distinctive bases to complex beverage blends, Milne’s formulation and compounding team can meet manufacturers’ specifications and satisfy the demand for imaginative and healthy ingredients and consumer products.


From apples to watermelons and berries to exotic fruits, Milne processes a full range of natural beverage compounds to meet manufacturer’s specifications. Many of these products serve as the foundation for energy drinks, smoothies, dairy products, mixes, juices, baby foods and more.

These compounding capabilities offer beverage companies greater production flexibility backed by Milne’s quality assurance, traceability and efficiency. The formulation and compounding services help manufacturers simplify production and gain labor and production efficiencies by:

  • Decreasing the number of dumping ingredients
  • Reducing ingredient prep time for production
  • Conserving energy costs with aseptic packaging
  • Minimizing packaging waste

Milne offers pilot project, sourcing and procurement services to meet your product development needs. All Milne beverage compounds and formulations are available in shelf stable, ready-to-use aseptic or frozen bulk packaging.

Ideas for Custom Blends

Combining exotic tropical fruits with dark sweet berries, cherries or black currant juices can bring your new product ideas to life. Whether compounds, blends, beverage bases or other functional ingredients, Milne offers exciting opportunities to conjure up and create new beverage products for today’s ever-changing market place. Milne offers over a hundred different formula ideas for blended bases, WONF blends and compounds and blends for you to explore. Click here to see more.