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Fruit & Vegetable Purees

Milne produces pure fruit purees with no artificial color, flavor or preservatives in both concentrate and NFC (Not From Concentrate) with a selection available as organic.

+ Concentrate

Puree Concentrate: A pulp or paste made from the fleshy part of the fruit is heat treated and sieved to remove the skin and seeds. It is then finished through screens to a specified consistency or smoothness. Concentrated puree is depectinized and evaporated under vacuum to a standardized Brix level. Concentrates are favored for ease-of-use and economical storage and transport.

+ NFC (Not From Concentrate)

NFC Puree (Not From Concentrate): The fruit is processed (heat treated and sieved) to remove the skin and seeds of the fruit and then finished through screens. All NFC puree products are pasteurized.

+ Organics

Organics: Milne offers the following fruit and vegetable purees as certified organic. For more information on our Organic ingredients, click here.

+ Applications

  • Bakery: cookie and pastry fillings
  • Beverage: juices, drinks and smoothies
  • Confections: jellies, gummies, hard candy centers and chocolate centers
  • Dairy: yogurts, drinks, ice cream, sorbets, frozen novelties and desserts
  • Snack Foods: breakfast, energy and meal bars
  • Sauces: salad dressings and jams

+ Applications

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