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Ideas for Custom Blends

Combining exotic tropical fruits with dark sweet berries, cherries or black currant juices can bring your new product ideas to life. Whether compounds, blends, beverage bases or other functional ingredients, Milne offers exciting opportunities to conjure up and create new beverage products for today’s ever-changing market place.

Milne offers over a hundred different formula ideas for blended bases, WONF blends and compounds and blends for you to explore below:

Compounds & Blends

  • jackfruit mixedberry cherrylime
  • berry orangecreamsicle greenapple raspberry
  • blackberryfrozenR raspberrycheesecake mangopineapple raspberrysorbet
  • peachorangebanana darkfruitblend tropicalfruit
  • strawberrypassion orangesports cucumberlemongreen
  • strawberrybanana blueberrypeachbaby strawberrywhitegrape

Blended Bases

  • orangamango raspberrylime vanillamojito peachdaiquiri cherrychocolate hardwatermelon
  • orangespiceporter raspberrymochaporter lemongingerhefeweizen plumapricothefeweizen grapefruitbeer
  • apricotapple pearcider honeycrispapplecider watermelonapplecider mangopearcider
  • applejuice pearjuice

Juice WONF Blends

  • darksweet redsourcherry blackberry blackcurrant blueberry

    raspberry cranberry strawberry    
  • customwonf

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