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Innovative Technologies

Innovative technologies, innovative products and innovative thinking are the hallmarks of Milne today. The purpose is clear – develop new and better ways to preserve the natural nutrients and health benefits found in fruits and vegetables using all-natural processes to produce convenient, shelf-stable, healthy ingredients.

Whether juices, concentrates and purees, MicroDried® fruit and vegetables, or the expanded line of powders, Milne uses cutting-edge technologies and creative thinking to bring new ingredient products to the beverage, industrial and health and wellness markets. Milne continues investing in strategic new technologies, processes and capacities that include:

  • Vacuum microwave dehydration technology to gently heat each piece to reduce the microbial load while preserving higher ORAC and polyphenol levels.
  • High speed state-of-the-art IQF tunnels, color sorters, sizers, cleaners, and inspection belts to ensure products are of the highest quality possible.
  • Fully automated touch screen computer technologies to monitor product quality at critical control points from receiving through packing and shipping. (Could refer to processing charts)

To encourage innovation and new product development, Milne operates a research and development lab with fully functioning production capabilities for both purees and concentrates and MicroDried® products for customers considering new product applications.

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