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Milne Introduces MicroDried™ Fruits, Powders and Frozen Berries at IFT

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Milne Fruit Products will present its new MicroDried™ whole fruit and powder ingredients June 25-28 at IFT12, along with a new line of frozen berry products. Several product applications will be showcased to demonstrate the superiority of MicroDried™ products over traditional dried products. We hope you will drop by the Milne booth (#2959) in Las Vegas to meet our team and check out these new offerings, alongside our traditional juice and concentrated products.


Milne Launches Frozen Berries

Milne Fruit Products now supplies high quality 100% natural IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), Straight Pack, Sieved and Seedless products from blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

“We have become the new, exclusive distributor of Wyckoff Farms’ frozen berry products,” said Michael Sorenson, General Manager. “Our customers can now source these products produced by our parent company through their Milne broker or sales representative.”

All of the fruit in the frozen berry line is grown in the Yakima Valley, further assuring vertical integration from field to final product. The berry ingredients are produced with the same high quality standards customers have come to expect from Milne and Wyckoff Farms.

Please contact your Milne broker representative or Shannon Elkins, Director of Sales and Marketing (509.786.2611 or, for more information and to place your order.

MicroDried™ Line Expands to Include Powders

powdersMilne Fruit Products is now offering its new MicroDried™ fruit product line in a low-moisture powder form. The powders offer the same nutritional benefits and appeal of the 100% all-natural MicroDried whole fruit pieces and can be used in a wide range of applications.

“MicroDried fruit powders add real fruit color and a powerful burst of flavor to products, as well as improve the nutrition of foods,” said Jack Schroeder, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “They are ideal for use in products where natural color, intense flavor and real fruit nutrition is desirable.”

Currently available in blackberry, blueberry and raspberry, applications for MicroDried powders include breakfast cereals, fruit pieces, baked goods, snack chips, smoothies, spreads, juices and more. Research and Development assistance and the capabilities of Milne Fruit Products’ pilot production plant are readily available to industrial food manufacturers seeking to develop and test new products.

“Whether in whole pieces or powders, Milne’s MicroDried fruit is truly revolutionary,” said Jack Schroeder, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With the color, flavor, fragrance and taste of natural fruit, this product line surpasses traditional dried fruit in every way.”

MicroDried’s whole fruit pieces have a plump “puff” appearance and are available in several moisture ranges from crunchy to chewy. With engaging textures and tantalizing mouth appeal, the all-natural, all-fruit pieces are well suited for applications such as hot and cold cereals, baked goods, trail mixes, granola bars and baking mixes. The versatility of the line is well suited for customer-driven options such as custom blends, packaging, product testing and full-scale production. The line is expected to springboard new product opportunities that simply were not possible before.

All MicroDried products are produced under the high quality assurance standards of Milne. For more information, product procurement or to make arrangements for a plant visit, please contact Jack Schroeder, Vice President of Sales and Marketing (509-786-2611 x1220, or

2012 Crop Outlook

Washington State’s Yakima Valley was spared from a late spring freeze that devastated areas of the northern US and Midwest. The outlook for the entire Northwest region is favorable. Harvesting is expected to get underway on schedule, compared to the past two years when ripening was delayed by cool conditions.

“We were concerned in April and early May when temperatures in the Yakima Valley went down to the low 30s,” said Andy Schilperoort, Field Representative. “Fortunately, we were quickly able to assess that no damage had occurred and the danger of frost has already passed for this region.”

The Northwest sweet cherry harvest is projected to begin in late June, followed by a steady stream of blueberries through September. Schilperoort expects the cherries to yield at average  numbers. Blueberries are already arriving from southern states, along with stone fruits. His outlook for the Concord Grape harvest is that it should be “a good solid crop,” and should begin on schedule, around September 20.

This news about the Northwest crop conditions is welcome in the wake of reports from the Midwest and Northeast where mild winter weather produced early bud breaks followed by an April cold snap. The most severely affected areas were in Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.

“We’ve had reports that the Michigan Concord Grape crop suffered severe losses and the tart cherry crop has been devastated,” added Schilperoort. “Some blueberry crops in Michigan and even in Georgia were also damaged in the spring frost.”

“Our blueberries come from all over the United States, explained Val Shepler, Purchasing Manager.” So, if there’s a weather event in one region, it should not affect supply. If customers have requirements that can’t be met due to a weather event in their region, they should make contact with us.”

Please contact your Milne broker representative or Shannon Elkins, Director of Sales and Marketing (509.786.2611 or, for more information and to place your order.

Stone Fruit Season is Underway

The apricot crops are beginning to arrive from our partner supplier, Sunmet Juice of Bakersfield, CA. Peaches will be rolling in soon, followed by plums later in the summer.

One of Milne’s most successful partnerships is with Sunmet. The company produces juice and puree products made from locally grown stone fruit.
Sunmet is owned by Etchegaray Farms, also located in Southern California.

“The relationship between Sunmet and Etchegaray Farms is much like Milne’s relationship with Wyckoff Farms,” said Michael Sorenson, General Manager. “Both companies are owned by local farms that have been in business for many years and are now in the second or third generation of ownership within the same family.”

There are a growing number of new applications for stone fruit puree products in pastry fillings, smoothies, dairy products and more. With naturally sweet flavors, stone fruits are always a consumer favorite, plus they’re nutritionally rich with Vitamins A, C and E, and a great source of dietary fiber and potassium.

Please contact your Milne broker representative or Shannon Elkins, Director of Sales and Marketing (509.786.2611 or, for more information and to place your order.

News from R&D – Berries May Be Key to Improving Cognitive Health

Could polyphenol compounds found in berry fruits help delay age-related memory decline? Two recent research studies show promising news.

A study conducted by the University of Cincinnati, released in April 2012, involved older adult subjects with mild cognitive impairment who drank Concord Grape juice or a placebo for 16 weeks. The subjects were assessed both before and afterwards for memory function and brain activation. The results showed that participants who consumed the juice showed reduced semantic interference on memory tasks.

“We’ve known that polyphenols found in berry fruits, flavonoids in particular, have been associated with health benefits, but these findings provide substantial evidence that Concord Grape juice can enhance cognitive function in older adults with mild memory decline,” said Eric Johnson, R&D/Process Development Manager.

In another study conducted by the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS), published in April in the Annals of Neurology, findings showed that increased consumption of blueberries and strawberries appears to slow cognitive decline by up to two and a half years in older women. The study was conducted over a six-year period with 16,000 participants.

“Berries are particularly high in flavonoids, a polyphenolic compound found in plants most commonly associated with the color of fruits and vegetables,” Johnson explained. “These studies suggest that one flavonoid in particular, anthocyanidin, has the ability to modulate cell-signaling pathways crossing the blood-brain barrier and localize in the hippocampus, which is the area of the brain involved in learning and memory.”

Over 4,000 flavonoids have been identified with potential health benefits including antiviral, anti-allergic, antiplatelet, anti-inflammatory, antitumor and antioxidant activities.

New Faces, New Focus at Milne Sales

salesThe Milne Sales Department has recently added new positions and personnel to better serve the needs of our customers. Three new Sales Assistant positions were added to develop dedicated account roles so staff can work more closely with current customers, as well as Milne’s broker network.

Milne also promoted three of its most seasoned representatives, Mindy Plumlee, Jeanie Harris and Catherine Burton, to serve in these new positions. Mindy has been with the company for more than 13 years. She began as a receptionist and then became the first Sales Department Sample Coordinator. Jeanie has 23 years invested at Milne. She also started out as a receptionist and then moved into customer service. Catherine has been with Milne for two years as an Administrative Assistant and in customer service.

Finally, Milne would like to introduce the newest member of our sales team, Kelly Brown, who has assumed the duties of Sample Coordinator. Kelly was formerly a front office manager at M&E Seed and Grain Company in Prosser, WA. Her duties there included buying and selling commodities and full charge bookkeeping.


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