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Kiwi – Tropical Green Fruit

Kiwi fruit offers a unique tropical tart flavor and 21% of the recommended daily intake of fiber. Kiwi consistently ranks as a favorite fruit with great flavor and color. Kiwi fruit:

  • Contains a peptide called kissper with potential as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Compared to red grapes, has 1.2x the total polyphenol content and half the in vitro antioxidant capacity
  • Is high in Vitamin C, boasting more than an orange
  • Has excellent levels of Vitamin K

Based on the nutritional facts, kiwi fruit can play a critical role in bringing significant nutrition to many food and beverage products.

Kiwi Juice & Puree Products

JUICE Kiwi Juice Concentrate, 65 Brix Specification Nutritional
PUREE Kiwi Puree NFC Specification Nutritional
  Kiwi Puree NFC Organic
Specification Nutritional

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