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Milne Acquires Valley Processing Assets

Milne Fruit Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has acquired certain physical assets of Valley Processing. Located in Sunnyside, Washington, the acquisition included juice and puree production facilities, processing equipment, and freezer and cold storage facilities. Milne did not acquire Valley Processing, its food products (including juice in inventory, raw material ingredients, and partially processed products), or assume any of its business operations.

Since Milne purchased the facilities and not the Valley Processing business, Milne has prepared and implemented its own food safety programs and policies at the facilities, including its own juice HACCP and own food safety plans. The acquired assets are operated, run, and overseen solely by Milne and its quality assurance department without any involvement or relationship with Valley Processing or its prior management.

According to Michael Sorenson, Milne’s President, “This acquisition brings a lot of synergy to Milne’s existing product line as well as a few new items we currently don’t offer. The added capacity ensures we can continue to grow with our customers and maintain the high standard of quality and service they expect from Milne.”

The asset acquisition of Valley Processing is the second major expansion by Milne in the past two years. In the fall of 2018, Milne completed construction of a new vegetable puree processing facility near their Headquarters in Prosser, Washington. This new vegetable production facility specializes in Low Acid Aseptic vegetable purees (butternut squash, pumpkin, spinach, kale, corn, carrot, pea, broccoli and zucchini).

About Milne Fruit Products
Since 1956, Milne Fruit Products has been an industry leader in the production of fruit juices, concentrates and purees. They have expanded their product line to include over 25 different fruits and vegetables, and more than 50 ingredient products, as well as custom blends. Today, Milne is an independent processor and a global supplier for the industrial food ingredient, beverage, and health and wellness markets. Milne continues to be a growth-focused fruit and vegetable solutions partner with its full line of not-from-concentrate and concentrated juice and puree offerings.

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