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Milne Fruit Products Signs Collaboration Agreement with Nutrasorb LLC

March 7, 2012, Prosser, WA — Milne Fruit Products announced it is testing the abilities of new technologies to enhance the concentration of nutrients in healthy powders, purees, additives and other ingredient supplements for the health food and beverage markets.

“We are determining if concentrated fruit nutrients can be integrated into our product line to deliver nutrient-rich ingredients to the additives markets,” said Michael Sorenson, president and general manager of Milne Fruit Products. “Milne is dedicated to finding innovative ways to improve wellness and increase health benefits in the beverage and health food consumer markets.”

“We are partnering with Nutrasorb in this project, which represents an important step forward in Milne’s ability to extract the naturally concentrated beneficial phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables and increase the healthy attributes of our products,” said Sorenson.

Milne’s strategy is to provide health-promoting, natural and nutrient-rich fruit products delivering a healthy daily dose of beneficial nutrients in a few servings, while reducing the many unhealthy compounds in consumer food products.

Milne offers nutritious, 100% natural ingredients to enhance nutrition benefits in products such as cereals, smoothies, spreads and juices. With the development of these new innovative technologies, Milne will be able to deliver healthier options for health food and beverage manufacturers to add into their products.

About Milne Fruit Products Inc.

Founded in 1956, Milne Fruit Products is the industry leader in creating fruit juices, concentrates, purees and custom blends from 25 different fruit varieties for the industrial food and beverage markets. Dedicated to using new technologies, Milne recently introduced an innovative line of MicroDried, natural whole fruit pieces offering high levels of beneficial nutrients to provide customers with healthy fruit products that are 100% natural to meet the needs of a diverse consumer marketplace.

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