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Make a Splash with Milne's New Vegetable Blends

By combining the tangy tastes of carrot, red beet, cucumber and purple carrot with the sweetness of grape, watermelon and apple, Milne has created three delightful vegetable/grape juice concentrates:

•  Concord Grape Vegetable Blend
    Concord Grape and Apple Juice blended with Purple Carrot, Beet and Cucumber Juices

•  Niagara Grape Vegetable Blend
    Niagara Grape, Apple and Clarified Watermelon Juice  with Cucumber Juice

•  Niagara Grape Vegetable Blend with a Splash of Carrot
    Niagara Grape, Apple and Clarified Watermelon Juice mixed with Cucumber and Carrot Juices

To satisfy the health conscious consumer, these new low calorie blends are 100% natural with no artificial colors or preservatives. Milne uses the highest quality ingredients full of vitamins and minerals that have been certified by the WSDA, USDA, BRC and OU Kosher. splash

Milne is known for crafting innovative new products that offer rich color, unique tastes and healthy profiles. The company introduced cucumber, pumpkin, purple cabbage and red beet vegetable juice concentrates in early 2014, and these products have proved to be a popular complement to its growing product line.

Milne’s fruit and vegetable juice concentrates and blends can be packaged in pails, drums, totes or tank trucks and are shelf stable for a minimum of two years when properly stored.

For samples or more info, contact: Milne Fruit Products at 509.786.2611 or

Meet Tom Aurand, Aronia Expert at IFT

Thomas AurandThomas Aurand, Milne's new Aronia SpokespersonTom Aurand will be making two presentations at IFT15 on what he sees as the “next big consumer craze” in the food and beverage industries.

In his 36 year food industry career, he served in technical and research and development positions for OceanSpray, Rich Products, Wells Dairy, Land O’ Lakes, and Sensient Technologies Corporation and his own consulting firm.  He earned a Bachelors Degree in Food Science from North Carolina State University and both his Masters and PhD in Food Chemistry from Cornell University.

Today, he is dedicated to elevating the market presence and awareness of aronia, its unique health characteristics and its many applications as a beverage, snack and bake good ingredient. He urges food technologists in both neutraceuticals and traditional markets to join him for one of his presentations and to begin studying and evaluating aronia as a powerful new ingredient. (See IFT schedule below for dates and times of presentations.)

Rapid Growth in Aronia Crop

The US Aronia crop is starting to see rapid growth as the plantings over the last five years are maturing. A single mature Aronia bush can produce 20 pounds of fruit or more, depending on agricultural practices, soil and growing conditions. Based on current rates of Aronia consumption, production forecasts suggest the industry will be able to keep up with demand.

The growing regions of Aronia are all reporting good conditions this year. The Midwest region consists of Iowa, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois and has the largest total fruit-bearing acreage. The Pacific Northwest also has a large size crop that is still in the maturing stage. The East Coast, particularly the mid Atlantic states, is a relatively minor growing region based on volume.

Poland is the largest producer of Aronia in the world and it has been reported to produce 90% of the global production but this is rapidly changing. The latest data in 2013 indicated that they produce approximately 58,000 metric tons of Aronia per year which primarily goes to aronia juice concentrate.

Milne Creates Formulating and Compounding Services Team

Milne  announced the creation of a formulation and compounding team, solely owned and operated by Milne Fruit Products, Inc. Previously operating as DMA, the company has historically provided formulation, compounding and aseptic packaging services to the industrial beverage market since 2009.

“We will continue providing new product development, formulation and compounding services while showcasing the wide variety of fruit and vegetable products Milne has been offering for the past 60 years,” Michael Sorenson, president and general manager of Milne Fruit Products, said. “Our team will maintain the high quality formulation services that our customers have come to know.”

“The team is excited about the new opportunities available to our customers,” Tyson Jones, sales and marketing manager, said. “We plan to expand our services and processing capabilities in the area of product development and benefit from the strong industry presence of Milne.”

For additional information on Milne’s formulation and compounding capabilities, please visit or contact Tyson Jones, Sales and Marketing Manager, at Milne Fruit Products (P) 509.786.2240, (C) 509.336.9301 or via email at

IFT Presentation ScheduleIFT15logo

Visit Booth #1920 for these interesting topics:

11 AM • Monday, July 13
Why Aronia? – offering one of the highest antioxidant levels found in any fruit worldwide, aronia is the “the next big consumer craze.”

3 PM • Monday, July 13 
The Sweeter Side of MicroDried® Plus is a new 100% natural, high quality dried fruit that retains most of its size and is a sweeter, crunchier version of Milne's MicroDried® line.

10 AM • Tuesday, July 14
Vegetable and Fruit Juice Blends offer rich color and healthy, unique tastes from cucumber, pumpkin, purple cabbage and red beet for a wide array of bases. Today’s health conscious consumer has a real interest in healthy, low calorie beverages.

2 PM • Tuesday, July 14
Why Aronia? – So important, Milne offers a replay of the aronia presentation from Monday. Aronia has one of the highest levels of antioxidant found in fruit worldwide and offers an excellent source of Vitamin A. Don’t leave IFT without knowing more about Aronia!

The Sweeter Side of MicroDried® Plus

cranberry MDPlus circleA sweet and crunchy version of Milne’s MicroDried® fruits and vegetables was introduced at the Natural Products Expo West this spring. New MicroDried® Plus is a lightly sweetened fruit ingredient that brings a crunchier sweetness to potential consumer applications.

Made from 100% fruit, MicroDried® Plus is available in three varieties – aronia, blueberry and cranberry. The aronia and blueberry are available in whole fruit pieces and the cranberry is offered whole or halved.

“We started with three fruits with strong consumer appeal that can complement a variety of commercial products,” said Steve Nugent, Director of IQF and MicroDried® Sales. “MicroDried® Plus is very versatile and can elevate the flavor of products while remaining low in calories and fat.”

With its low water activity and greater bulk density, it is excellent for rebaggers, confectionaries, hot and ready-to-eat cereals and long-term storage manufacturers. MicroDried® Plus products are also low in sodium, fat and have a minimum two-year shelf life when stored properly.

The entire MicroDried® Plus line is grown and processed in the USA and is WSDA, USDA, BRC and Kosher certified.

For additional information on MicroDried® Plus products, please visit or contact Steve Nugent, Director of IQF & MicroDried Sales (P) 509-786-2611 Ext. 1228, (C) 509-781-4434, or Heidi Farkas, Sales Manager (P) 509-786-2611 Ext. 1293, (C) 509-781-4112,

Organics in the Yakima Valleyorganic grape juice

The Yakima Valley is an abundant agricultural region in eastern Washington and is ideal for growing and producing organic fruits and vegetables. Milne has a growing line of organic fruit products that bring the goodness of nature to many of its products.

Milne has made a major commitment to organic aronia berries and now offering organic fruit varieties of apple, aronia, blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, grape, kiwi, pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry and watermelon as organic fruit juices, concentrates and purees. In addition, Milne’s organic produce is grown in a vertically integrated environment by a locally owned, family operated agribusiness.  This vertical integration of the farming and production process assures the best in quality control and traceability.

Milne’s organics program is annually certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s (WSDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) which allows Milne to label these products as “100% organic.”

For samples or more info, contact: Milne Fruit Products at 509.786.2611 or

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