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Demand Growing for Fresh Taste of NFC Juices and Purees!

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As consumers demand minimally processed, clean label products, Milne is seeing more and more interest in Not-From-Concentrate (NFC) juices and purees that deliver the fresh taste preferred by today’s health-conscious consumers.

“The natural taste and clean label of our NFC fruit and vegetable products can play a major role in the changing consumer beverage markets,” Michael Sorenson, general manager at Milne said.  “Our NFC products are pasteurized with no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors to create fresher tasting, more colorful, healthy juices.”

Milne’s offers a wide range of varieties that are really popular with consumers including blackberry, Concord grape, cranberry, peach, raspberry, strawberry and watermelon.  For a complete listing of NFC products, see list below:

  • BLACKBERRY – Puree NFC – Aseptic, Puree NFC – Aseptic Organic
  • BLUEBERRY – Puree NFC – Aseptic, Puree NFC – Aseptic Organic
  • CONCORD GRAPE –  Juice NFC, Puree NFC
  • CRANBERRY – Puree NFC – Aseptic
  • PEACH – Puree NFC
  • RED RASPBERRY – Puree NFC – Aseptic
  • STRAWBERRY –  Juice NFC, Puree NFC – Aseptic

For samples or more info on Milne's NFC products, contact: Agata Willis at or 509.786.2611, Ext. 1304.

MicroDried® Raspberry Is Back!

raspberry circleA raspberry is very fragile with many different sections that make up this juicy red fruit. While Milne MicroDried's low-heat process is very gentle, initial efforts to produce MicroDried® raspberries proved fruitless – until now.

The MicroDried® raspberry is back. The color is fantastic, it's tastier than ever and keeps its shape whether whole pieces, fragments or powders. Rich in dietary fiber and a good source of both Vitamins C and K, Milne MicroDried® raspberries are a valuable ingredient for juices, smoothies, baked goods, hot cereals and breakfast foods!

For additional information on Milne MicroDried® products, contact contact: Heidi Farkas at at or 509.781.4112.

Milne Expands Organic Product LinesUSDA

An industry leader in organic fruit juices and purees, Milne’s new organic products include aronia, Niagara grape and a variety of citrus purees (lemon, orange, mandarin and blood orange) with apricot puree coming this summer. Milne MicroDried® has expanded their product line to include strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, goldenberry and red tart cherry.

All of Milne’s organic products boast no artificial ingredients and no added sugars or preservatives. These organic varieties are vertically integrated or sourced, meaning the organic fruits and vegetables are grown on our own farms or on closely supervised affiliated farms.

Organic products and growing methods are annually certified by the USDA and Washington State Department of Agriculture and earns a “Grade A” annual rating from the British Retail Consortium.

For a complete listing of Milne's organic products, see list below:

  • APPLE – Juice concentrate, Puree concentrate, Puree NFC
  • ARONIA – Puree; MicroDried whole, fragments & powder
  • BLACKBERRY – Juice NFC, Puree, Puree concentrate
  • BLUEBERRY – Juice concentrate, Puree, Puree concentrate; MicroDried whole low moisture, whole high moisture, fragments & powder
  • CITRUS (WHOLE) – Lemon puree, Blood Orange puree, Orange puree, Mandarin puree
  • CONCORD GRAPE – Juice concentrate, Juice NFC, Puree concentrate, Puree NFC
  • CRANBERRY – Juice concentrate; MicroDried whole, whole low moisture, whole high moisture, sliced, fragments & powder
  • DARK SWEET CHERRY – powder
  • GOLDENBERRY - MicroDried whole, fragments & powder
  • KIWI – Puree NFC
  • NIAGARA GRAPE – Juice concentrate, Juice NFC, Puree
  • PEACH – Puree NFC
  • PLUM – Puree NFC
  • POMEGRANATE – Juice concentrate, Juice NFC
  • RED RASPBERRY - MicroDried whole, fragments & powder
  • RED TART CHERRY – MicroDried whole, fragments & powder
  • STRAWBERRY – Juice concentrate, Juice NFC, Puree concentrate, Puree NFC; MicroDried whole low moisture, whole high moisture, sliced, fragments & powder

Items underlined are made upon request. For information on Milne's organic juices and purees, contact: Agata Willis at or 509.786.2611, Ext. 1304. For information on Milne MicroDried® organic whole, fragments and powders, contact: Heidi Farkas at or 509.781.4112.

Milne MicroDried® Sweet Potato & Wine Varietals

sweet potato circle RecoveredMilne continues to offer innovative product ideas and healthy new varieties in its MicroDried® product line. In that tradition, Milne introduced sweet potato cubes this past year which quickly became a consumer favorite.  With a delicious sweetness and mild flavor, sweet potatoes cubes can be used in both ethnic and traditional dishes. Naturally sweet, these unique cubes are healthy, low calorie – only about 100 calories in a medium potato baked in the skin – and have no added sugar or other ingredients.  Ideal for desserts, baked goods, trail mixes, snacks and more.

In addition, a number of new products and varieties – including Wine Varietal Grape Powders (both organic and traditional) – are in development including:

  • Split Peas
  • Lentils
  • Beets
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Bananas
  • Concord & Niagara Grape
  • Wine Varietal Powders: Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Shiraz

For additional information on Milne MicroDried® products, contact contact: Heidi Farkas at or 509.781.4112.

Cristi OczekMilne Welcomes Cristi Oczek

Cristi Oczek has joined Milne as its new Regional Sales Manager for the Eastern US and Canada and will be based in Buffalo, New York, Shannon Elkins, Milne’s Director of Sales and Marketing, announced in June. “She has been in the food brokerage industry for the past 13 years and will be representing Milne’s juice, concentrate and puree brokers, partners and principals in the northeastern US and Canada.”

“Throughout my career in the food industry I have built strong relationships in these markets while working with purchasing and marketing departments or involved in R&D ideations to learn what our customers need to be successful,” Oczek said. “I have always loved the food industry! Seeing a new idea start small and grow through joint collaboration into a new product launch – it’s really wonderful.”

As a mother of three children, she wants to put healthier food options on the market and appreciates Milne’s commitment to food safety, the environment and, most of all, the overall well-being of their consumers.
“Cristi is expected to grow Milne’s presence in the Eastern US and Canadian market and promote our innovative new products and formulation and compounding capabilities,” Elkins said. “She will focus on our fruit and vegetable NFC juices and purees which are attracting more and more attention as health conscious consumers and regulators look for new ingredient alternatives for beverages and consumer goods.”

Cristi has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from State University of New York (SONY) and can be reached  at 716.331.1868 or via email at

Milne Introduces New Catalogs

Milne’s expanding fruit and vegetable product lines are now featured in two separate catalogs – one for Milne juices, purees and custom blends, and one for Milne MicroDried whole, fragments and powders. The two catalogs will be available at IFT16 – booth #608 – and can be downloaded from the home page of the Milne website –

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