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Milne’s Powerful Concord Extract Powders Outshine Red Wine in Health Benefits

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Milne Fruit Products will launch a powerful new line of fruit extract powders for the dietary supplement industry on November 7-8 during SupplySide West in Las Vegas.

“These Concord grape extract powders and formulations offer highly concentrated health benefits with 50 times the polyphenolic power of resveratrol as compared to red wine,” said Shannon Elkins, Director of Sales and Marketing. “And that’s just for starters.”

The health benefits found in MilneConcord™, a 100% Concord grape extract, and its formulations are ideal for health and wellness products such as supplement tablets, capsules, and nutrition and cereal bars. They are packed with higher phenolic content compared to single strength juices and are concentrated to offer an abundance of healthy polyphenols.

Milne will also showcase its innovative MicroDried™ whole fruits, granulated pieces and powders during the trade show.

“Our proprietary production process retains high levels of nutrients and polyphenols resulting in an all-natural, all-fruit ingredient that offers consumers the health benefits they demand,” Elkins continued. “Available in several moisture levels, MicroDried ingredients are ideal for use in products where natural color, intense flavor and real fruit nutrition is desirable.”

Currently available in blackberry and blueberry, applications for MicroDried™ ingredients range from breakfast cereals to fruit pieces, baked goods, snack chips, smoothies, spreads, juices and more. Research and Development assistance and the capabilities of Milne Fruit’s pilot production plant are readily available to industrial food manufacturers seeking to develop and test new products.

“We hope you will drop by the Milne booth (#17034) at the Venetian & Sands Expo to meet our team and check out these new offerings, as well as our traditional juice and concentrated products,” said Elkins.

Please contact your Milne broker representative or Shannon Elkins, Director of Sales and Marketing (509.786.2611,, for more information and to place orders.


Special Presentation at Milne Booth during SupplySide West 

StephenTTalcottYou are invited to a special presentation during SupplySide West. Dr. Steve Talcott, Associate Professor of Food Chemistry at Texas A&M, will speak on Chemistry & Biological Relevance of Concord Grapes at the Milne booth (#17034) on Wednesday, Nov. 7 and Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012 at 11:00 AM.

Dr. Talcott will relate his expert research on phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables to antioxidant stability, postharvest quality and value-added food processing as it relates to human health benefits.

There is limited seating. Please make your reservation today at


2012 Concord Grape Harvest – Quality and Yield are Up

harvestThe Concord grape harvest is well underway in Washington State, with yields and crop quality looking slightly above average for this growing season.

“This year we are averaging nine tons per acre, as compared to seven and a quarter tons last year,” said Andy Schilperoort, Milne’s Grower Relations Manager. “I’m also anticipating a good quality crop, due mainly to the mild weather we’ve had throughout the Northwest this growing season.”

According to Schilperoort, the average yield is about 8.5 tons per acre. Yields were below that last year due to a hard freeze in November 2010. Plus, cooler-than-average temperatures impacted the maturity of the fruit and delayed the start of harvest.

“I’m thankful that this year’s harvest started in September,” observed Schilperoort. “Our window of safe weather from fall frosts is better when we can get crops in by the end of October.”

About 45% of all Concord grapes are grown in the Northwest, primarily in Washington State. The other major growing region is mainly in Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania. That area was hit hard earlier this year when spring frosts followed an unusually warm winter, which had resulted in buds breaking early.

“The Michigan tart cherry crop was devastated and this is going to be one of the smallest Concord crops for that region in the past 10 to 15 years,” Schilperoort remarked. “But, here in the Northwest, we expect to have enough grapes to satisfy our long-term customers’ needs.”

Please contact your Milne broker representative or Shannon Elkins, Director of Sales and Marketing (509.786.2611,, to facilitate your procurement strategies.


News from R&D – Concord Grapes Offer Outstanding Health & Wellness Benefits

grapesConcord grapes are rich in healthy polyphenols (particularly resveratrol) that naturally function as anti-inflammatory agents and help arteries stay healthy, flexible and clear. Resveratrol is noted for its potential anticancer and anti-aging benefits and protecting against too many free radicals.

“Red wine is well known for cardiovascular health benefits due to its high content of resveratrol,” said Eric Johnson, R&D/Process Development Manager. “But six grams of MilneConcord™ – about the size of a quarter – has about the same amount as in a 150 ml glass of wine, without the confounding effects of alcohol.”

Milne’s powerful new Concord extract powder formulations are concentrated to offer an abundance of healthy polyphenols, making them ideal for health and wellness products.

Polyphenols are most plentiful in the pomace of dark purple and blue fruits and vegetables, such as Concord grapes. Other advantages found in Concords include both cognitive health – brain and memory function – and immune system health benefits. Concord’s polyphenols also naturally function to protect the body from too many free radicals, the molecular agents that can cause cellular damage and diseases in the body including some cancers.

When Concord extracts are combined with other nutritious fruit extract powders such as blueberry, cranberry, blackberry and raspberry, the formulated extracts affords even more nutritional benefits.

A 2011 study published by Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases found that incorporating plant-based foods rich in different anthocyanin compounds in the diet is likely to be more beneficial than consuming a single anthocyanin supplement.

“Milne’s Concord extract powder formulations have significant amounts of the polyphenols that combine to improve the effectiveness of the formulated extract,” explained Johnson. “These include phenolic acids, anthocyanidins and ellagic acid.”

Phenolic acids include coumaric, caffeic, ferulic and gallic acids that may protect against coronary heart disease, stroke and cancers. Anthocyanidins are present in flavan-3-ols, which research suggests provides anti-cancer, anti-clotting and cardio protective effects. Ellagic acid is found in raspberries and blackberries and may slow the growth of some tumors.

In addition to their high polyphenolic content, Concord grapes are an excellent source of manganese, a nutrient that maintains nerve and bone health, and Vitamin K, which aids in blood clotting.

For additional information about Milne’s Concord extract powders, please visit, contact your Milne broker representative or Shannon Elkins, Director of Sales and Marketing (509.786.2611,


 The Concord Grape – An American Story

Concord grapes were first cultivated in the 1850s near Concord, MA for America’s northern climates. Concords are hearty and ripen early to escape frost, making them the ideal grape for the United States. Over the next century, Concords, with their rich, full-bodied purple skin and size, outsold all other grapes species combined. Today, growers harvest more than 336,000 tons in the US, and Washington State leads the nation in Concord production.

Milne Fruit Products, located in southeastern Washington’s Yakima Valley, has produced Concord grape juices, purees and concentrates since 1956 and is deeply involved in new product and application development for Concords. Milne’s work with the Concord is harnessing the grape’s health benefits for consumer products.

Please contact your Milne broker representative or Shannon Elkins, Director of Sales and Marketing (509.786.2611,, for more information and to place orders.


Upcoming Trade Shows

Health & Wellness Happening in Vegas!

Please join us for SupplySide West on November 7-8 in Las Vegas. We hope you will be able to stop by the Milne booth (#17034) to meet our team and to learn more about our new Concord extract powders and formulations, our all-natural MicroDried™ whole fruit, pieces and powders, and Milne’s traditional lines of juice concentrates and purees.
Don’t forget to visit to reserve your seat for our special presentation by Dr. Steve Talcott. We look forward to seeing you at the Venetian & Sands Expo!

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