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Packaging Options

Milne offers a variety of frozen bulk and ready-to-use aseptic packaging choices for its NFC (Not From Concentrate), concentrates and purees. Milne’s innovative co-packing capabilities also offer the opportunity to produce bulk products using Milne’s equipment and capacities.

  • Frozen Packaging – Frozen packaging options include pails, drums, totes and tank trucks. Storage life for frozen products is generally a minimum of three years at 0°F in unopened containers.

  • Aseptic Packaging – Aseptic packaged products are ready-to-use – no thawing required. Available in 2.5 or 5 gallon bag-in-boxes, 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes, aseptic packaging is microbiologically stable for 24 months from pack date. Recommended storage conditions are above 35°F and below 75°F to ensure the highest quality product.

    Aseptic packaging offers a number of advantages:
        • High temperature, short time heating process retains more natural nutrients
        • Remains shelf stable at room temperatures with no preservatives
        • Eliminates thawing time and is delivered ready-to-use
        • Easy handling and shipping in different sizes of bag-in-a-box, drums and totes
        • Allows worldwide export/import of safe food products
        • Supports lean manufacturing

  • MicroDried® and MicroDried® Plus Packaging – MicroDried® products are generally available packed in a 48 gauge metallized PET bag inside a double build corrugated box. They have a shelf life of two years when protected from moisture and excessive heat in unopened containers.

Please contact your Milne Sales Representative or Broker for more information on packaging options and specifications.