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Quality Pet Food Ingredients

Milne’s wholesome ingredients are 100% fruit and vegetable juices and purees with no added sugars, color or preservatives. Milne offers a full array of options from apples to blueberries, strawberries and even watermelon. Select items are also available as organic.

Milne’s juices and purees are ideal for both wet and dry applications and are rich in vitamins, minerals and other healthful benefits. Milne’s R&D team is available to help create innovative new pet foods that appeal to today’s pet owners and their beloved pets.

The chart below lists those products that are pet-specific. Click on any item to access specifications and nutritional information.

Milne Pet-Specific Juices & Purees

Crude Fiber
Apple Juice Concentrate1.28<0.1<0.429.02<0.2
Apple Puree NFC0.240.190.4287.07<0.2
Blackberry Juice Concentrate2.280.27<0.438.522.57
Blackberry Puree NFC0.320.24<0.491.26<0.2
Blueberry Juice Concentrate1.160.24<0.435.560.86
Blueberry Puree Concentrate*0.550.610.9874.050.39
Blueberry Puree NFC0.20.29<0.489.08<0.2
Butternut Squash Puree NFC0.740.290.9389.780.21
Carrot Puree NFC0.90.430.5188.60.39
Corn Puree NFC0.31.29<.0488.391.09
Kale Puree NFC0.840.730.7791.221.99
Pea Puree NFC0.290.43<0.489.752.47
Pumpkin Puree NFC0.40.881.5891.750.75
Raspberry Juice Concentrate2.290.17<0.437.021.46
Raspberry Puree NFC0.440.41<0.490.120.32
Spinach Puree NFC0.730.470.494.762.05
Strawberry Juice Concentrate2.340.21<0.452.381.8
Strawberry Puree Concentrate*1.420.470.6377.151.64
Strawberry Puree NFC0.310.19<0.494.12<0.2
Watermelon Cloudy Juice Concentrate*2.20.61<0.434.253.75

All products listed above use the following unit: %(g/100g) and are aseptically packaged
in drums with the exception of items with an asterisk (*) which are packaged FROZEN.