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Responsible Sourcing

Milne strives to exceed its customers’ social and corporate expectations in every way by responsibly sourcing fruits and vegetables on both the domestic and international level. Our products and our track record say more than we could ever say ourselves.

A great deal of Milne’s raw fruits and vegetables are grown in the Yakima Valley on trusted neighboring farms by growers who know and meet the high-quality standards set by Milne and its customers. Built on long-term partnerships with our customers and grower base, that quality is passed directly through to Milne’s quality juices and purees that are utilized in many different consumer products.

Milne is mindful of the expectations of its customers and their consumers who demand the humanitarian treatment of the labor force and the use of sustainable farming methods to assure a successful agriculture industry for everyone. Milne’s dedicated procurement staff visits the packing houses, fields and growers as part of its procurement program.

Milne Logo Colored

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