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Sale of Milne Fruit Products, Inc.

As of early October, 2004, it is with great pleasure to announce that Wyckoff Farms, Inc. has acquired all stock and operations of Milne Fruit Products, Inc. from Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

Milne Fruit Products, Inc. is a high quality “World Class” Fruit Ingredient purveyor and by this acquisition it is again an independent and locally owned entity, which will continue to achieve three major corporate goals: 1) Customer Satisfaction; 2) Product and Operational Quality, and 3) Team Work, through it’s guiding corporate motto: ”Concentrated Excellence”.

Wyckoff Farms, Inc. (WFI) is a grower and processor or crops in the agribusiness economy of eastern Washington State, and markets its products throughout the US and internationally. WFI produces a number of diversified irrigated crops, including fruits, vegetables and grapes. Also, WFI’s processing facilities include wineries, hop kilns, mint oil distillation, and now one of the most efficient and effective, state-of-the-art juice and puree operations, Milne Fruit Products, Inc.

Milne Fruit Products, Inc. plans to maintain and grow its status in the food ingredient industry by investments in: capital equipment, personnel, finish product development, raw material procurement and development, and a corporate commitment to the assurance of operational and product Integrity, Quality, & Consistency through advanced technology utilization.

To insure a smooth transition, the company will be directed by:

  • Dave Wyckoff, Chairman & CEO
  • Randy Hageman, who has been promoted to President and General Manager
  • Also, John J. Schroeder (Jack) will immediately rejoin the other continuing employees at Milne Fruit Products, Inc. as Vice President & Director of Sales & Marketing and use his 30 years of food ingredient experience to insure a smooth transition for our customers.

We appreciate your past business and we look forward to continuing to earn your trust, cooperation, and business in the future. Please visit our revised website ( for a complete overview of the new and independent Milne Fruit Products, Inc. and our high quality product lines.


Dave Wyckoff,
Chairman & CEO
Wyckoff Farms, Inc.

Randy Hageman,
President & General Manager
Milne Fruit Products, Inc.
Phone: 509-786-2611 Ext. 212

John J. Schroeder,
VP &
Director of Sales & Marketing
Milne Fruit Products, Inc.
Phone: 509-786-2611 Ext. 220

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