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Milne is committed to maintaining a sustainable, responsible business which serves and builds value for our customers, employees, local communities, suppliers and other stakeholders. Our sustainability efforts focus on four principles:

Environment: Milne is committed to ongoing improvement programs with respect to energy utilization, water use/reuse, wastewater and recycling. In 2014, the company conducted lighting/power studies and launched a capital improvement program to reduce power consumption by over 340,000 kWh and natural gas by 9,500,000 cc ft.

Milne also implemented a number of water reuse programs to reduce overall effluent going in to our local publicly owned treatment works (POTW). Other efficiency audits identified opportunities to reduce the use of specific resources, hazardous materials, waste streams and disposal costs.

Capital improvements reduced the use of waste water treatment chemicals and total soluble solids (TSS) discharge through Milne’s waste water system. The company now recycles over 400,000 pounds of corrugate and plastics a year; keeping 200 tons of waste out of local landfills including batteries, waste oil, electronics, office paper and miscellaneous metals.

Milne is committed to the environment and aggressively manages its impact on the environment through waste prevention and minimization, conservation of energy and natural resources.

Workplace: Milne is committed to our people. Retaining and developing their enthusiasm and determination to succeed is paramount to Milne’s strategy for growth and success.

Milne’s Standard Code of Conduct focuses on critical ethical business practices and provides a safe and healthy workplace. This includes a business environment that sets respect for co-workers, suppliers, customers and partners as an absolute expectation. Milne is committed to the principles of equality and diversity and complies with all relevant equality and anti-discrimination legislation.

In addition, Milne ensures excellence in management practices through ongoing development of business aligned human resources systems and initiatives that provide structured training and development programs for employees to enhance their skills, knowledge and capabilities for further growth within Milne.

Community: Milne supports its local communities through robust volunteerism and direct donation support by both the company and our employees. We support organizations like March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy, Breast Cancer Awareness, Special Olympics of Washington, Little League, 4H Projects, Prosser Memorial Hospital, Prosser Rotary Club, Prosser Piranhas’ Swim Team, Prosser High School Baseball and 30 other organizations and community events.

Milne’s employees spend many hours of their own time chairing, sponsoring and supporting community events. Milne truly believes in being directly involved in our communities to foster a sustainable relationship for the future.

Employee: Milne hires career-minded people looking for long-term employment and supports employee growth through on-the-job training, outside classes and seminars, internal training classes and tuition reimbursement. Full-time regular positions include a benefits package offering a full range of insurance, paid leave and retirement plans and involving our employees in the communities we all share.  
True open door communication, collaboration and implementation of employee ideas are a few of the ways Milne supports the employees’ social activities for the whole family. The average Milne employee has invested over 10 years with the company and the top third of our employees have been here for over two decades. Their longevity and pride shows in the quality of our products and Milne’s reputation for excellence.

Milne Logo Colored

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