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Watermelon – The Hydrating Fruit

Typically thought of as a refreshing summertime treat, watermelon is low in fat and calories and is popular for its color and flavor. With extremely high water content, watermelon helps with hydration and is the highest-consumed melon in the US. Watermelons:

  • Serve as an excellent source of Vitamin A with 17% of daily value and Vitamin C with 21% of daily value
  • Provide low sodium and cholesterol
  • Have zero fat and are low in sugars and carbohydrates
  • Compared to red grape, offer 0.3x the total polyphenol content and 0.1x the in vitro antioxidant capacity
  • Containing citrulline, under research for its potential to lower blood pressure

As an excellent source for hydration, watermelon offers a unique, sweet taste as an ingredient.

Watermelon Juice & Puree Products

JUICE Watermelon Juice Concentrate – Ultra Clear, 65 Brix Specification Nutritional
  Watermelon Juice Concentrate – Cloudy, 65 Brix  Specification Nutritional
  Watermelon Juice Concentrate – Cloudy, 65 Brix Organic Specification Nutritional


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